Notices for 2018

July 08, 2018

Visit to numerous architectural structures of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra (Троице-Сергиева Лавра) are built by the best architects of the country in the XV-XIX centuries.

Who would like to join the Event, please register at the Church.

Last Date of Registration June 17, 2018

The Municipality of Moscow City is supporting the refurbishing of the Church, keeping all historic signs in place. Thank you!

Meanwhile, the Sunday’s Services will be celebrated in the open yard and the garden of the Church, until construction is advanced and the Parishioners are allowed back inside.

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Monthly Blessings!

We invite all to come forward at the end of the mass to receive special blessing of the Priest, accordingly!

  • First Sunday of the month, for those who are celebrating their Birthdate during the current month;
  • Second Sunday of the month, for those newly joining our Community;
  • Third Sunday of the month, for the married celebrating their Anniversary during the current month, and
  • Fourth Sunday of the month, for those who are leaving our Community for short, or long leave.
  • Special Prayers to be asked for ahead, allowing to inform the Priest celebrating the mass at that day, in proper time manner.

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