Parish Administration

Fr Venceslas GОRОKHОV (Parish Priest), Fr Celeste PIANEZZE, Fr Giampiero CARUSO (Italian Community Chaplain), Fr TRAN DUC Long (Vietnamese Community Chaplain).

Lithurgical commission

This commission meets every two to three weeks to prepare the Sunday mass leaflet.

Pastoral Care Committee

The pastoral advisors is a small group of 7 people who collaborate with the Priest and Parish.  This team meets once per week and occasionally meets to prepare special events.

This is a forum for debates, exchanges of ideas and decision making taken by the Parish about on going projects.

The aim of this team is to ensure that everybody is welcome and is heard and that each person who is baptized is given the opportunity to help wherever they can.  It also works towards improving communication, coordinating the different teams to spread the gospel in prayer and celebration and to live together in harmony.

Treasury/Economic committee

To ensure the financial well being of the Parish, with the aim of assisting and advising the Priest on money management issues.

The committee is composed of the Priest, a Treasurer, (nominated by the Archbishop) and of two professional accountants or finance experts.

It’s role consists :

      • Discuss and approve the annual budget;
      • Decide re investments or expenditure for renovation works;
      • Follow and take measures to respect the budget;
      • Collect the Annual donation;
      • Keep the Archbishop and parishioners informed. These donations can take many forms;
      • Donations or legacies;
    • Mass collections and the occasional donations (collections from Baptisms, weddings or funerals) which are used for the day to day outgoings of the Parish ie. (bills, stationery for catechism).

The annual donation which is used for Parish renovation works.  You will find special envelopes for this purpose at the back of the church.