Living your faith

Scouts and Guide groups (8 to 17 years)

(French speaking)

Please contact the people responsible: Emmanuelle Allain-Mouradian, [email protected]

If you are aged between 17 and 25 please come along and give a hand to help lead a group of guides or scouts even if it is only for a short length of time.

Church choir

The aim is to participate in church services once in a while.
You don’t have to be baptized you just have to enjoy singing and participating in dynamic group.
We are also looking for young musicians to accompany us on the violin, cello, flute or piano.
Rehearsals – Saturdays between 16h and 17h at the church.

Contact : Aurore Paredes, [email protected]

Dinner parties

This consists of four dinners with four couples or single people with the purpose of meeting other parishioners who we don’t necessarily meet at mass.  The group take it in turns to host and everybody brings a dish.

Prayer time

Every Wednesday evening from 20h30 to 21h30 at the church: There is no obligation to come every Wednesday and there is also the chance to confess during this period.

Prayers for Mothers

A time for prayer every Friday morning – Mothers meet to pray for their children and all the children in the world.  French speaking activity.

Contact : [email protected]

Notre Dame Team

Notre dame (END) offer married couples the chance to embrace their spirituality and strengthen their love for one another in the context of day to day reality.