Notices for 2019

Activities of the English Parish for THIS CALENDAR YEAR!

January 20, Sinulog-Santo Niño!

March 10, 1st Sunday of Lent

March 17, Lent Recollection ( Venue will announce later)

April 14, Palm Sunday

April 21, Easter Sunday (Picnic around Little Jordan at New Jerusalem, in the city of Istra, Moscow suburb)

May, May Flower Procession ( final date will announce later

Summer Time, Pilgrimage:
  1. June, Armenia or St Petersburg!?!
  2. July, Picnic (no venue yet)
  3. August, Pereslavl Zalessky
  4. SeptemberRostov Veliky

October 27, Rosary Gathering

November, Preparation for Advent and Christmas

December 01, Advent Recollection

December 22, Christmas party and Fund Raising Activity

Monthly Blessings!

We invite all to come forward at the end of the mass to receive special blessing of the Priest, accordingly!

  • First Sunday of the month, for those who are celebrating their Birthdate during the current month;
  • Second Sunday of the month, for those newly joining our Community;
  • Third Sunday of the month, for the married celebrating their Anniversary during the current month, and
  • Fourth Sunday of the month, for those who are leaving our Community for short, or long leave.
  • Special Prayers to be asked for ahead, allowing to inform the Priest celebrating the mass at that day, in proper time manner.

Are you interested in learning the RUSSIAN LANGUAGE?

The Member of Parish St. Louis des Français in Moscow, and Jesuit Brother Vladimir Pashkov, who is also Teachers at St. Thomas Institute, offers help with Russian Language for everyone who wishes to learn!

Mobile: +7 (963) 921 01 28